Steelers are back

Well folks the Steelers are officially back! The Steelers won their first game of the preseason 20-12 over the Giants. It was an exciting game and allowed the depth players and rookies to show what they got. Here were some takeaways from this game.

Dobbs bounce back

Josh Dobbs had his first start of his career in this game. He played for a good 3 quarters before Bart Houston took over. But during his playing time, Dobbs struggled at the beginning. He threw two interceptions that were his fault. They were bad mistakes but what he did next was impressive for a rookie QB. He forgot those mistakes and just moved on. Some quarterbacks don’t have the ability to do this at all let alone their rookie year. But he kept playing and finished very strong with a TD and a TD that was held back because of a holding penalty. So Dobbs was impressive after his poor start but hopefully he can play good his entire time of play during the next game.

Watt a day

TJ Watt was a force to be reckoned with. He played fast and physical throughout the game. He had 2 sacks, 3 QB hurries, and a pass swatted down. He played very well and provided himself a good stepping stone for his future.

Can’t stop the Moats

Arthur Moats was just flat out dominate this game. He had 3 sacks and a interception but it seemed like he could’ve had 5 or 6 sacks. He was in the quarterbacks face almost every play and was relentless. If he continues this kind of play then he will make the roster easily, especially since Keion Adams has been injured this whole time.

Other standouts 

Cobi Hamilton made some big plays throughout this game. He had one of the touchdowns and helped create all the longest throwing plays. The tight end Jake McGee had an amazing block for the second touchdown for the Steelers. He was pulled to block for the running back and man did he. He throw the corner back into time as the running back pranced into the end zone. Lastly Mike Hilton had a great game today. He just continues to show up on special teams and on defense. He’s really impressing the coaches in camp. If he doesn’t fall off a cliff during the rest of this preseason then I fully expect him to make the final 53.

It was a fun game and most importantly a win. Because eventhough it’s preseason you always love to pick up the W. But even more importantly you did it because your depth and rookies are coming along and making plays.


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